Thhs election simulation

images thhs election simulation

We work to make a progressive improvement in our society. If you did not have the chance to watch the election simulation video for this week, here is our ad! While our ultimate goal would be to legalize recreational marijuana, our most important goal as of now is to federally legalize medical marijuana. Greenfield continued to channel her creativity and ambition into living life to the fullest, always doing challenging things that people of her age might avoid, such as hiking in the Himalayas. Greenfield did it because she thought it would be best for the students.

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  • THHS Election Simulation
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  • FUNDRAISING · PREVIOUS ELECTION SIMULATIONS Welcome to the Election Simulation Website!

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    THHS Election Day is Monday, November 5th. PREVIOUS ELECTION SIMULATIONS · Election Election Simulation. HOME · MEET THE CANDIDATES · SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS · TV SHOW.
    As advocates for children and for the communities in which we work, we fight for the policies and resources to make all New York City public schools great.

    The cushions were eventually sold as a fundraiser for the humanities department. Following the school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida this past year and the many more that plague our history, we have rallied our youth together to spread awareness on gun violence and advocate for gun control.

    Greenfield as AP of Humanities.

    THHS Election Simulation KickOff Rally

    We'll be coming around classrooms to give you more information about our organization. Hey Harrisites! Greenfield, however, saw a good side to Zeena and told Ms.

    images thhs election simulation
    Yutaka sho architect
    Report abuse. Hey Townsend Harris!

    THHS Election Simulation

    These are the qualities that defined her leadership of the humanities department. Greenfield was still a teacher, Ms. Medical marijuana has the potential to benefit the lives of many Americans living with medical conditions.

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    AFP advocates for economic freedom and believes that if a government is for the people, by the people then the spending of government should be monitored and regulated since the government is spending the money of American citizens.

    Biener taught the book to her class.


    images thhs election simulation

    November 6 marked the end of the Election Simulation, and students were Comptroller, who won in both the Election Simulation and the real election. Some THHS students spend summer at QC as camp counselors.

    images thhs election simulation

    The Candidates, a documentary about the annual Townsend Harris High School election simulation, premiered on November 10th at the IFC.
    Greenfield would make a huge, triple chocolate cake. Hello Townsend Harris HS!

    We stand for quality medical assistance for everyone regardless of race, status, etc.

    Townsend Harris High School

    As the Justice Democrats, we believe in the representation of everyday working men and women. From the beginning, Ms.

    images thhs election simulation
    Together we have become one of the biggest youth-led initiatives and we urge YOU to join us as we march for our lives!

    The Greater New York Hospital Association GNYHA is pushing for Congress to protect Medicaid and not repeal the ACA without an immediate replacement plan that continues to provide uninterrupted, comprehensive, and affordable health care coverage for the 22 million Americans who gained coverage under the ACA as well as the millions already covered by Medicaid, does not harm state budgets, and does not harm financially struggling hospitals.

    We offer the best public health services and promote these services to be available to all women. In addition, we believe everyone should be able to have a job with livable wage.

    Townsend Harris HS Alumni Association

    According to Dr. Greenfield] in mind. There are 5 statewide branches and more than local groups in 28 different states.