Regions to look for fifa 16 player

images regions to look for fifa 16 player

On the one hand, Ghana did well in areas the game says it should specialise in: physically strong players and wingers. The whole game is just silly arcade instead of simulation I tried several times and always closes. April 2, AM edited April Issue Summary: Competitions prize awards Issue Details: I'm playing as Morecambe and I am not getting any prize money for going through competitions, either cups or even the league. April 19, PM.

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  • The only guide you need to youth scouting in FIFA 16 If you want to know where the best places are to scout, what the different player types mean, how to use the However, if you ask your scout to look at the player for another month, the.

    images regions to look for fifa 16 player

    First of all, let's take a look at which China and Japan have the highest chance of finding fast players in FIFA 16 of these three nations (or, more specifically, the regions. He will appear on the cover of the game for the fourth year in a row, but he'll have There's a total of eight regional covers set to be available with FIFA 16 when the Gamers are charged with building a squad of five players at each position.
    Issue Summary: gameplay seems faster then usual Issue Details: i'm playing career mode as usual, but recently I've noticed that things seem different compared to how I was playing maybe a month or two ago, I have the game of professional difficulty, and usually I can handle it, but recently the cpu's have been playing like they're on world class or something, the game just seems to be moving a lot faster, loading times are quicker and I can move the cursor through the menu a hell of a lot quicker then I could before, most people would probably see this as a good thing, but I definitely prefer how it was before this happened, plus my players seem to have a lot more stamina once half-time comes around, whereas usually they'd be just entering the yellow zone of their stamina once i'd tired them out.

    Are you going to go with pacey Wingers and strong Strikers?

    images regions to look for fifa 16 player

    I can't try again later. Only immediate transfers.

    6 Tips and Tricks for a successful FIFA 16 Career game FIFA 16

    I have to ask you to try to seek high potential players in lower rated countries as it worked so well for me.

    images regions to look for fifa 16 player
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    May 15, AM.

    This is especially important because of the random spikes in overall ratings some players have in every career. WTF EA!!!

    FIFA 18 scouting guide where to scout

    Tried to erase watchlist, scouts, youth academy When I try to load career mode it reloads to the original save weeks earlier.

    Seems to make sense, I search Africa for physically strong anyway!

    . In FIFA 16 I always got my best defensive minded players from Scotland. Region: 2, Europe, UK Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one):. I bought FIFA 16 just started the career mode in offline mode. Inability to see players career stats season by season in Manager Career Mode. However in different regions, different players are chosen to star alongside him, whether by EA or by popular vote, and FIFA 16 is no different.

    With women's football coming to this year's installment, it's nice to see women star in a few regions.
    Of course, this can only be done in the January transfer market, and the player will only join your team the following summer.

    FIFA 16 scouting guide part 2 Where to scout

    No scout recommendations To make it more ridiculous I was in a previous Euro Cup in a team, of course being able to play only every second game I signed a player on a pre-contract when his contract expires, only to see in the news section that he was transferred to another club. In contrast, regions 9 and 10 rest of Asia and Australia have the lowest chances of finding platinum players. It also feels like the control of your players is being taken away in alot of games, and one of the most ridiculous things is that someone like Ineista can win a header against someone like Mangala to score a winner in the last minute which is absolutely ludicrous!!!

    images regions to look for fifa 16 player
    Regions to look for fifa 16 player
    Just unbelievable that this quality product is in sold In some tests one scout did better than the other, but in most tests I did the results were broadly similar — each scout found roughly the same number of high potential players whether or not they were scouting in their home nation.

    I only have 1 Argentine player in my academy, a defensive minded CDM, and he has the lowest potential of my entire youth academy, with Also tried to format PS4, didn't help.

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    Buy a player from the FUT Transfer Market and earn his loyalty by playing 10 or more games with him.

    Unlocked by 36% - TA Ratio = Molded to. Some useful tips and tricks for getting the most out of your FIFA 16 Career time for your scouts to search for every single player that fits your criteria. from Japan, China and Australia, the cheapest places to send your scout.
    All that text seems a bit bewildering though, right?

    Of course, because of the unpredictability of scouting, it could take a long time and a lot of reloading to find world beaters in the lowest rated countries, but it is possible. Categories April 10, PM edited April It could save you time in terms of your progression through the calendar year in the game and money on scouting trips, and is a proven way of improving your academy.

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    images regions to look for fifa 16 player
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    Not really that fussed about this, but it's the cherry on the cake.

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    Comments 5. There are a great many players that tend to have low ratings overall, but almost perfect physical stats. Some of my top youth players have come from Japan, China and Australia, the cheapest places to send your scout. The number to the left represents the region in which you can scout, while the number to the right gives the relative chance that region has of finding a platinum player the higher the right-hand number, the better.

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