Mudboss rc rules

images mudboss rc rules

Timing Clause: In the rare case of a timing error: Any racer timed under 4 minutes will have their lap rounded up to the next, anything longer than 4 mins will be recalculated, using seconds divided by the average lap time to get laps; laps will be rounded up to the next nearest lap. Chassis: Any commercially available 2wd SC based truck. Last edited by hoagie; at AM. We will allow nothing that is aggressive to the track surface. I am afraid of this turning into a money game. A third offense in one day will result in a loss of points for the day and it. Batteries over the tour spec on the.

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    images mudboss rc rules

    (effective april 1st ). 1 Salvas MudBoss BODIESonly. - Any minor modification to the body must be approved. Here is the version of the SALVAS MUDboss rules (effective 1 Salvas MudBoss body only (,and version). Please note rules subject to change for new track in Binghamton, stay tuned for updates!! MudBoss Classes.

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    SARC Stock MudBoss. 1 SALVAS MUDBOSS .
    They should also be clean, and fair. Its to be a fun, spec class, allowing for comeptition on fairly equal grounds. A second instance of rough driving or a pattern of this habit may result in further action, including being parked for a period of races, or losing drops.

    Mudboss – Staub Brothers' RC Speedway

    You may still sauce your tires but they must be wiped off before hitting the track surface Minimum ride height rules are fairly common at carpet tracks regardless of what is bring raced - don't want the carpet to get snagged.

    images mudboss rc rules
    Chassis must be SC truck based or SC truck based conversion.

    There shouldn't be secrets. Cheating: If caught cheating by protest or in tech, you will forfeit all points up to that point, and those events will count as your drops. Please be respectful.

    Oval Racing Rules

    Find More Posts by mumaluke. There shouldn't be secrets or trickery.

    Sandpit RC. October 13, ·. MudBoss Spec Slash rules. MudBoss SPEC SLASH DIRT MODIFIED RULES, Revision 1. TRAXXAS. Rules UPDATE () Bumps & Jumps RC Speedway & Hobbies. Race Track Stock Mud Boss Rules. SPECIFIC TOUR RULES: TRUCKS and BUILD SPECS. The intention is to take the Salvas Sportsman Rules for /, and adapt.
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    The MudBoss is an entry-level class, with input from a number of regional tracks. Batteries will be tested before the racing, and before mains, along with spares for extra distance races. Email this Page. LP options are allowed. Any input would be appreciated.

    Mudboss Rules RC Excitement

    All suspension components, transmission, front and rear bulkheads must be on center line of the vehicle.

    images mudboss rc rules
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    Trackbacks are On. This class is meant to be about driving ability and adjustability.

    If caught a second time, you will sit out a race and lose any remaining drops.

    RC Mud Boss & Sprint Racing Instructions Motorama Events

    Find More Posts by mumaluke. I dont want to impose rules that are not consistent with other tracks but a few guys think it will turn our sct into pan cars.

    Mudboss Rules. 0; 23Apr. Placed in Blog, News. Tagged with Olin Barnes on We Buy Used RC Cars! Olin Barnes on We Buy Used RC Cars! Richard Myers. We are getting a lot of MudBoss racers and they are having some really good races.

    The class is growing every week. We have a Sportsman. Mudboss Racing Rules Posted: 7/25/ Our Mudboss general rules will apply to our track and facility. Keep in mind these changes may not be allowed at.
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    Indoor Rules – DirtRunner's R/C Car Club

    It is to be. Chassis must be SC truck based or SC truck based conversion.

    images mudboss rc rules

    I think keeping it stock creates great racing and puts the spotlight on setup and driving. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

    images mudboss rc rules

    images mudboss rc rules
    BD D6900 SAMSUNG
    I am afraid of this turning into a money game. Original Rear and Front springs only no aftermarket springs or LCG conversion springs - Front springs may be "cut" No zip ties in order to shorten them no more than 5 rounds removed - No fuel tubing or other alterations to limit suspension allowed to the shocks 8.

    First found will result of forfeit of that events results up to the point of discovery. Sponsorship Opportunities. We have a carpet oval and we have two classes that run slashes. Rubber Tires Only No Foams or silicone tires.