Hirudegarn power level

images hirudegarn power level

If Ultimate Gohan were to train that entire time like his father, he'd be way above Goku and Vegeta. I'm not complaining, I'm just curious what your reasoning is. Shocked me to the core not really. Majin Yakon after eating Goku's power : , Keep on, honey!

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  • Is Hirudegarn really that powerful? In Movie 13 we see him beating down Ultimate Gohan. One would naturally assume Hirudegarns BP is. Hoi directs his power to release the upper half of Hirudegarn. He finally succeeds in this, and with the monster back together, nothing can stop. do this for the heck of it. I'm gonna make a list of power levels throughout all of DBZ only. Hirudegarn (Weakness exploited) - 3,, SSJ3 Goku.
    Gero : 50 Million Alternate Timeline where all the other Androids have been defeated, Android 16 was probably never activated, and the bunker containing Cell has been replaced with a second Lab where Dr.

    It can get painfully detailed at times I can get carried away.

    What are all of the DBZ power levels Quora

    The fact that you listen to feedback is making this list one of the most accurate I've seen. Are the PLs ever mentioned in terms of number after Frieza? Imperfect Cell Saga. Hessel's life. So I just left everyone as they were except Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo.

    images hirudegarn power level
    Hirudegarn power level
    And his trained SSJ3 could be very high, maybe above Gohan like you said.

    Trunks Saga History of Trunks. Piccolo's best attack would be. Videl is twice as strong as her dad, especially when she was training with Gohan.

    Or, maybe he's physically weaker, but his ki is stronger. Everyone else said I was accurate, so I'm like "fine", but now that I see this, I feel like I should bump them up a bit not the way you did, though, 'cause I think that's just way too high. I could disagree with PLs in the Cell and Majin Buu sagas, but you are giving a pretty good sense of where everyone is.

    So here is my theory based on watching the movie and refer back to the manga as way to decipher the power levels of Hirudegarn at different.

    DBZ power levels (long read). Discussion in Goku's Base Level:Goku Kaioken.

    Is Hirudegarn's power level really that high • Kanzenshuu

    Hirudegarn(transformed), DBZ OVA. If you multiply the Base Power Level through each SSJ Transformation, Goku Janemba doesn't have the intense emotions to drain Hirudegarn's power.
    I do think they might be a little high, but that's just me.

    I'm workin' on 'em now, and boy, I didn't think writing down numbers could be so hard. Cell -SSJ F. I'll be making some big changes to the list anyway in a bit - I'll address that when I do so.

    images hirudegarn power level

    Then SSJ3 would initially be Bojack: 1. Chapter: DBZP6.

    images hirudegarn power level
    Hirudegarn power level
    It'd be a great help to have your input on some things!

    We built a better way to learn data science.

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    If you've got any question as to why specific PLs are too high, I'd be happy to oblige. I think your theory is dumb for 2 reasons.

    Hirudegarn`s Theory Dragon Ball General Message Board GameFAQs

    He's stronger than Broly.

    It's hard to guess Tapions powerlevel since he never showed any Martial brawlI honestly don't fancy Tapion's chances against Hirudegarn. This power level is a direct reflection of a character's fighting ability. Hirudegarn was one of the coolest characters in Dragon Ball Z, although. Dragon Ball Z Movies Power Levels Part 3 Z Fighters Vs Hirudegarn: user uploaded image. Hirudegarn Trapped By The Dragon Fist.
    Gero Round 2 -F.

    Cell Multi-Form - 1, each P. What are all of the DBZ power levels? Compliments and criticism accepted. Z Fighters Cell Jr.

    images hirudegarn power level
    Hirudegarn power level
    We don't know if Goku is above Gohan.

    These are just my guesstimates on PLs, and I also said above that if you want to criticize, be contructive about it so that I understand what you disagree with. I thought that Mr. In my opininon he was the strongest human, stronger than Krillin but 60,?

    images hirudegarn power level

    As I said, I have always been skeptical of those V-Jump numbers.