Bomb defusal robot project

images bomb defusal robot project

Ravi SV Nice robot. The Stepper Motor Circuit This circuit has also been tested on a breadboard. CHAPTER 9 Conclusion The Wireless Bomb Disposal Robot has been designed in such a way that it can cater to the needs of the bomb disposal squad, the military, the police and also for the personnel who handle radioactive materials. Keyboard Interface Module This module is used for the control and actions for the robotic arm, which is controlled by the keyboard and the changes occurring with the keys of keyboard results in the different movements of the robotic arm. For instance, at one place it can be used by the bomb disposal squad, while at another instance it can be used for handling mines.

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  • Bomb Disposal Robot (Termenatör): Features:* Unmanned aerial vehicles supported* The robotic The aim of this project was designed to destroy the bomb. Project Stage-II Report On “Wireless Bomb Disposal Robot” Submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirements For the Degree of Bachelor.

    module can be a motor of the base of the robot or the robotic arm. The main goal of the project is to provide safety to the bomb disposal squad by providing an.
    We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Quick Movement Being a bomb disposal robot, it requires very fast movement. Object The word object is used in the robot for the bomb or the unidentified object that is suspicious.

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    Some of these enhancements are described below. This eliminates the need for a mechanical brake mechanism. It may have the ability to handle a much wider range of objects and the ability to maneuver them to much safer places.

    images bomb defusal robot project
    Bomb defusal robot project
    References [1] www. Show More. Power Supply The robot has its own power supply. The bulk of its electronics have also been moved to the back seat, considerably slimming its figure.

    Wireless Bomb Disposal Robot

    The robot can be improved to be more reliable and accurate by installing stepper motors instead of the DC motors, which are more accurate and also have the feature of the holding torque, which enables the movement of heavy object with ease. A control signal is generated by the application, which is sent to the microcontroller to switch the light on and off. Robotic Architecture The architecture of the robot has also been designed keeping the modular approach in mind.

    This system is very beneficial in areas where there is high risk for humans to enter.

    This system makes use of robotic arm as well as robotic vehicle which helps. projects with similar functionalities can be found. For. Example the British Police have a bomb disposal robot, the. Israeli Army has it and it is also being used by. Though the idea of our project is original, some projects with similar objectives can also be found. Examples of the. French Police have a bomb disposal robot.
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    Five Bomb Disposal Robots RoboticsTomorrow

    Control signal for the arm elbow. These rods are light in weight and hollow in between which makes them strong.

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    The end user is not such a technical job so for this purpose any ordinary person with a small background of computers can be trained to do the desired operations. Flash Magic: This software has been used in conjunction with the AT89C51 Programmer to electrically program the microcontroller.

    images bomb defusal robot project

    images bomb defusal robot project
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    Three transformers have been used as the source voltage for the power of different modules on board the robot.

    Four are used for driving the robot, one at the robot arm and one for the gripper.

    Hyper Terminal was used to generate the control signals, which were tested by turning an LED on and off. It is divided into the following modules: The Robotic Base The base is made of rectangular metal rods welded together at the ends. Hence the future enhancements may include a much smaller, faster, more reliable machine. One of the limitations of this stepper driver is its incapability to drive high current stepper motors.

    This process creates north and south magnetic poles on the rotor that are attracted to or repelled by north and south poles on the stator, which are formed by passing direct current through the field windings.

    This paper presents the wireless bomb disposal robot which will help to In this project, we are going to merge two applications that are spying and bomb.

    The Bomb Disposal Robot uses a control application, at the user end to The project is about the defusing the bombs layed by the terrorists or.
    The robotic movement is controlled using the arrow keys of the keyboard; the movement of the robotic arm is also controlled using a keyboard.

    Feature Your Product. It has two fingers, which make the shape of a claw. The wireless transmission object transmits data using a wireless link over radio waves. The main idea of this robot is to provide the bomb disposal squad with safety and security from the risks that they face every day.

    images bomb defusal robot project
    Transmission of Video A control signal is generated for starting or ending the video transmission.

    images bomb defusal robot project

    For example a database can be merged in the application, which can be used to construct evaluation by identifying the object with the help of the camera. The following controls have been used: Comm control has been used for serial interfacing. Figure 3. The transmitter sends